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Agraria Air Essence Diffusers

Agraria's AirEssence™ presented in a signature Italian perfume bottle with glass stopper, each diffuser includes 20 reeds, a hand-made antiqued mirrored tray, which adds a special luxurious finishing touch and protects whatever surface upon which it is placed.

As the AirEssence™ is absorbed by the reeds, the fragrance will permeate your environment and can be increased by the frequency of turning the reeds. Because we use only the finest essential oils and add no alcohol, you can expect to enjoy Agraria's AirEssence™ for up to a year. We often hear comments that they last well over a year, which can be based on your local conditions and the frequency you turn the reeds. Agraria AirEssence™ is recognized as the longest lasting reed diffuser on the market.